DEA agents use dead drug addict’s phone to catch fentanyl dealerEveen “Dre” Cullum

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DEA agents used the phone of a man who’d recently overdosed to catch Eveen “Dre” Cullum, an alleged drug dealer from Long Island, New York – by contacting him to make another sale at a restaurant, where they took him into custody.

The agents, pretending to be the dead victim, texted Eveen “Dre” Cullum in May to purchase heroin out in Glen Cove, Long Island, The New York Post reported.
They found his number while looking through the deceased man’s messages, and saw he’d bought $40 worth of heroin from him before he fatally overdosed.

Deciding to proceed with the charade, they asked for $80 more and asked him to meet them at a local parking lot.

When Cullum discerned that the men were agents, he fled in his SUV but was eventually apprehended. He then confessed to selling “dope” to the victim.

On Tuesday, the 26-year-old subsequently pleaded “not guilty” in Long Island federal court to charges listed in an indictment which includes counts of attempted distribution of fentanyl and distributing fentanyl.

Cullum remains in custody without bail and is scheduled to appear back in court on November 15th.

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