It’s not too much longer now until HBO’s Game Of Thrones is back on screens, but fans of the show know that Season 7 of premium cable’s most popular show can’t come soon enough.
If you’re looking for a refresher course on what’s gone down in Westeros over the past six seasons, it turns out that an unlikely source has got your back.
Ras Kass, yes Ras Kass of Soul On Ice fame, has done us all the favor of recapping the show up until now the best way he knows — by rapping.
The recap-rap features such gems as “Ay yo, the red lady 500 years old without a necklace/ Stannis failed, Jon Snow was resurrected.”
That said, this rap-up is actually pretty comprehensive, so steer well clear if you don’t want any spoilers from the show up until now.

Check out the recap for Season 5 too.

Game Of Thrones returns on July 16, and the trailer dropped last week to much fanfare. Check that out below.