HIPHOPDX – This week in Hip Hop, XXXTENTACION got knocked out at his own show in San Diego. Also, Jay Z had the whole world thinking that he had a new album dropping or Beyoncé had the twins, but it was just a TIDAL-exclusive movie. Lastly, Remy Ma shaded Nicki Minaj on social media and it’s been revealed that Nicki has plans to respond on wax.

XXXTENTACION Got Knocked The Fuck Out

XXXTENTACION was singing his heart out during his San Diego show when an unknown assailant interrupted the 19-year-old’s crooning with a cold one to jaw, knocking him straight to the floor.

It was a promise San Diego rapper Rob $tone made to the Florida rapper after they got into on Twitter over $tone’s people knocking out XXX’s dear friend, Ski Mask The Slump God at a show in Los Angeles.

XXX blames him getting punched on security, who he believes was in on it. It’s the same excuse Ski Mask gave when he was caught outside with his pants down after Rob’s people jumped him. Unfortunately, someone was stabbed outside of the San Diego show causing XXX’s Santa Ana show to be postponed.
Rob $tone released a song called “xxxtracredit” produced by Zaytoven dissing the “Look At Me!” rapper. In the song, he revokes his Cali pass and even tells Drake, who XXX initiated unwanted beef with over similar rap cadences, that he’s got his back. Drizzy just so happened to like a few comments on Instagram laughing at XXX.
Listen to Rob $tone’s “xxxtracredit” here.

What Does 4:44 Mean?

4:44 adverts took over the web and Times Square this week and initially no one knew what it meant. After doing some digging, it was found that the ads were coming from TIDAL so naturally, that means a new Jay Z album right? Or maybe Beyoncé had the twins! Jay and Bey fans know how much the couple is obsessed with the number 4 so those theories were the ones floating until it was revealed that it was just a movie. Well, the trailer for a movie starring Academy Award-winning actors Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) and Danny Glover.

No release date for the film has been set yet.
Read more about the 4:44 marketing ploy here.

The Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj Beef Ain’t Over

Remy Ma is not letting her beef with Nicki Minaj go after announcing she was done. The “Shether” rapstress took a few more jabs at Nicki on Instagram and on her remix to Future’s “Mask Off.”
No worries, Nick has a response for that. The response will be on 2 Chainz’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music cut “Realize.” The Queens artist also announced that she promises to deliver a more classic Hip Hop album on her fourth go-around.
Read more about Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s beef here.

DXclusives: Talib Kweli, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Goapele & Joyner Lucas

Talib Kweli spoke with HipHopDX about his use of Twitter. The Black Star rapper is very active on the social media platform and explained how he engages in conversations to expose racism.
“I have questions designed to expose their mentality,” he shared with DX’s Kyle Eustice. “I say, ‘Tell me why … explain yourself.’ I ask them questions I know they can’t answer and the more they try to explain a racist statement … the only thing you can really say is ‘Ok I fucked up,’ but when you try to explain it, the more racist you’re going to become. That’s what triggers them — having to explain their bullshit. Then often, they get more and more racist to the point where they start threatening people.”
HipHopDX’s Editor-at-Large Shirley Ju linked up with budding Atlanta star Hoodrich Pablo Juan and discussed a variety of things including why he chose to graduate from high school early and his upcoming project with Bromance DJ and producer, Brodinski.
“I think he reached out to me,” Pablo Jaun explained. “It might have been through the management, through the number I put in my bio. And just called. The person said, ‘Brodinski want to link with you’ and he was explaining who he was. And I was telling him that’s the lane I’m trying to hit. That’s what I need to be with. I need to go with somebody from France, who got different kind of beats. Ever since made our first record, just had a little vibe.”
Oakland’s own Goapele also spent some time with DX and shared her feelings on how her 2001 single “Closer” has lived a life of its own.
“I love that ‘Closer’ has had so many lives,” Goapele said reflecting on her career. “People have been remixing it now for over a decade. I’m fans a lot of those artists that have touched on it, from Drake, to YG, to Kendrick, to different folks. I appreciate it.”
She also just recently released a 10-track project called Dreamseeker with hopes of reconnecting with old fans and connecting with a new generation.
When Joyner Lucas released his remix to Future’s “Mask Off” everyone assumed he was coming for the heads of this gen’s freshest talent: Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Yachty and yes, even Future. A version of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse if you will.
“The ‘Mask On’ record wasn’t really me calling out any rappers,” Lucas shared. “I was just. . . I guess being competitive. But at the same time, I was just being Joyner. I was just spazzing out. I don’t feel like I called out or disrespected anybody. I just felt like I was just talking my shit, just being competitive. But it wasn’t nothing like I was calling out rappers on some disrespectful shit.”