Joey Bada$$ added some spice to the game this week when speaking to Montreality about JAY-Z’s 4:44 album.
In an interview he had said, “Honestly, I feel like I was an inspiration to that album. I know I was an inspiration to that album, and nobody can tell me… You know what I’m saying?”
“I put certain pressure on O.G.s in the game, and they know what they need to talk about now, ’cause they got this young nigga Joey Bada$$ coming out talking about this shit before they got the chance to talk about it.”

Joey made sure to clarify that he loved the album and that he was glad JAY took on the topics that he did… but he made sure to end his comments with “And I’m glad I could be inspirational.”
After some backlash, Joey hit Twitter account to clear up exactly what he meant, writing: “Y’all niggas acting like I said I single-handedly inspired the album, NO. BUT, I was def ONE of the inspirations. Listen to .”
“My real niggaz know. You kids are way too sleep and you old niggaz are way too disconnected. But ay, PEACE & LOVE.”