LONG BEACH, NY – A memorial service for Lil Peep is scheduled for Saturday (December 2) in his hometown of Long Beach, New York, according to an Instagram post.

The invite reads, “Join us in celebrating the fascinating colorful life of iconic Gus Åhr (Lil Peep).”

The service, which includes a number of guest speakers, begins around 2 p.m. EST at the Allergia Hotel and is followed by a public beach gathering.

In lieu of flowers, organizers are asking for donations to be made to Oxfam.

Peep passed away on November 15 from a suspected drug overdose prior to a show in Tuscon, Arizona. While his exact cause of death has yet to be confirmed, authorities are currently investigating whether Fentanyl played a role in the 21-year-old burgeoning rapper’s untimely passing.

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