LOS ANGELES, CA – After Lil Wayne allegedly punched a security guard in the face at Hyde nightclub in June 2016, the recipient of the blow is reportedly suing the mega rapper and calling it a “hate crime.” The California man claims while working the door at the Sunset Strip club, Wayne showed up with his entourage for a BET Awards after party hosted by 2 Chainz and Wayne himself. Things apparently got out of hand quickly.
The guard says he felt physically threatened while trying to control entry into the club when Weezy punched him with a closed fist and knocked him to the ground, according to documents obtained by TMZ.  The man also says Lil Wayne threw an alcohol-filled glass at his face and shouted, “Fuck you white boy,” which he says makes it a hate crime.
Despite these allegations, Wayne’s team has denied any such incident.
The security guard is suing Wayne, his label and the club for damages from assault and battery. He wants a $25,000 civil penalty added to his damages for the so-called hate crime.

In 2011, Weezy clocked New Orleans rapper Lil’ Chuckee in the face on New Year’s Eve. Even though Wayne was playing around, it’s not that big of stretch that he would use his fists elsewhere. Tunechi better just hope no one caught that one on video.
This is just one of many lawsuits the rap mogul may have to juggle. From the Birdman and Cash Money situation to Martin Shkreli and Tha Carter V leaks scenario, there’s plenty of controversy floating around to keep Wayne’s lawyers busy.
Revisit the Lil’ Chuckee punch above.