Migos rapper Offset offered a sliver of clarification on what really went down during the BET Awards weekend scuffle between the Atlanta group and Chris Brown’s crew.
As for what led to the melee, Offset stayed cagey on the specifics but offered to TMZ that it was, “A whole lot of paper. A whole lot of haters, man.”

When asked who was hating on who, Offset opted to take the silent approach. He also clarified that the group doesn’t have beef with anyone.
“I don’t know what’s going on with that. I’m just saying a whole lot of haters,” the MC said. “Ain’t no beef …We don’t want no smoke …We at the top, man. I don’t know what’s going on with nobody. I just know we winning.”
Offset was later asked about Migos’ awkward red carpet interview with Everyday Struggle, which resulted in Joe Budden making an annoyed mic-drop exit. He ignored the question, but did offer a hearty chuckle when asked about Safaree’s fight with (alleged) members of Meek Mill’s entourage.
Lastly, Offset revealed that Migos have no plans to step up their security