NEW YORK, NY – One of social media’s favorite topics got debunked by NFL star Michael Bennett. The Seattle Seahawks defensive end stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and spoke about the much-discussed tension between his teammate Russell Wilson and Future, the father of Ciara’s eldest child.
Bennett denied talk of Future’s music being banned from the Seahawks locker room. He also pointed out that Wilson is not bothered by the “Mask Off” rapper like so many believe.
“It can’t be banned in my locker ’cause I listen to Future every single day when I’m in the locker room, just to get right,” Bennett said. “I don’t think Russell gets affected by it. I think he’s one of those guys who doesn’t really get affected by that. I think … he’s married to Ciara. He has a family. I think they’ve surpassed that.”

Bennett was asked if Wilson likes any of Future’s music, but did not have an answer. He did state that it would be impossible for the quarterback to avoid it though.
“I never asked him that, but I suppose … you can’t get away from Future in this generation,” he told The Breakfast Club. “It’s like he’s everywhere. You go to the club, you in the stadiums, every single team. Future is the hottest art out right now.”
The Pro Bowler also downplayed the team’s awareness of Future attending their 2017 NFL Playoffs loss to the Atlanta Falcons. While the Future Hive made a big deal about their favorite artist standing on the sideline, the players were much more concerned with their duties on the field.
“I was too busy trying to get Matt Ryan, Julio Jones,” he said. “I didn’t even know Future was at the game. I would’ve said what’s up.”
Watch Michael Bennett’s entire interview above.