OAKLAND, CA – Snoop Dogg showed to Monday night’s decisive Game 5 of the NBA Finals in a luxurious loose-fitting Crip-themed robe that caught the eye of just about everyone on Twitter.
One commentator described him as looking like “the headmaster of Hogweeds.”

Snoop addressed the comments about his “Crip cape” on IG, responding that he wore the outfit because he’s “supercrip.”
He watched the hometown team cement their second win in three years alongside Vallejo legend E40 and comedian Chris Rock.

Not to be outdone, Diddy turned up looking sharp and was pictured having a conversation with NBA legend Vince Carter.

Mistah FAB, Too Short, and Lil B also celebrated their team’s victory.

Such is the demand for NBA Finals tickets these days, that price averages have skyrocketed. SF Gate reported this week that one pair of tickets sold for a record-breaking $133,000 – nothing more than pocket change to a guy like Diddy, who was recently named the world’s highest-paid celebrity.
Together they watched Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and co. get revenge for last year’s finals and seal the championship in a 129-120 win, cleaning up the championship in just five games.
Oh, and Chamillionaire was there courtside too.