A$AP Ferg Takes To Twitter To Clarify Remarks About Racism
A$AP Ferg backtracks on a recent claim he made about racism being dead.
A$AP Ferg has recently been facing flack over recent comments he made about racism and the Internet.
In a recent interview with NPR’s Microphone Check theA$AP Mob member claimed that the Internet merges everything and that racism was dissolved “generations ago.”
“That’s what it is about this culture of the Internet. Is everything is merged,” he said. “There’s no racism with the Internet. Racism is probably like five generations ago… Racism been over. It’s the old people that keep on holding on to it. We don’t hold on to that shit. We don’t know racism… My little brother had white girlfriends. And that’s regular.”
Now, A$AP Ferg is backtracking a little bit and says racism is still alive but not to the extent it was back in the day.
“Just to be clear, I am fully aware racism still exists,” he relayed via a Twitter post. “The point I was trying to make that within the group of like-minded, progressive thinking people that I interact with, racism and separatism doesn’t exist to the extent that it did generations ago.”
View the recent tweet below:

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