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An artist who goes by @wehadnoidea on Instagram is planning to take legal action againstXXXTENTACION after alleging the Broward County native used his work without permission, according to a report from Spin.

The painting in question is a portrait of X that the artist says was taken and used for a hoodie design.

After the artist hit the 17 rapper in his DMs, X initially seemed open to some kind of compensation, asking, “How would you like me to compensate you?”


He asked X if he would be down for future collaborations or simply a cut of merch sales, but didn’t hear back. He later DMed with someone from the Revenge clothing line who made the hoodie, who thought X had gotten permission and asked, “Why u trippin now.”

Jah is in reference to X’s real name, Jahseh Onfroy.

The artist was then hit with a block after he was told from X’s account, “Hope the universe blesses you. Take care of yourself.”


The Revenge website currently requires a password to access it, but the artist says the hoodie sold out on the site the day it came out, and also sent Spin evidence of it being resold on a German website.

For now, @wehadnoidea has issued a staunch warning for other artists, which he posted on August 11.

“About two months ago @xxxtentacion #xxxtentacion used my art for part of his merch,” the artist wrote. “I was flattered but upset I didn’t get any compensation for the work. Not a mention or simple payment . When I reached out to the brand Revenge they asked me ‘why you tripping’ and when I reached out to xxx he kindly asked how I would like to be compensated. I was Ghosted. I’m making this post solely to educate other freelance artist that this may happen to , watermark your work. Fight for your work.”

The “Look At Me!” rapper is still awaiting trial for domestic abuse charges for an alleged assault on his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

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