Demrick Describes His Perfect Rap World
“There’s so many different kinds of people, you need every kind of music,” Demrick says.
While plenty of Hip Hop artists and fans alike complain about the current state of the music industry, Demrick says he wouldn’t change much about the landscape if it was up to him.
Still, speaking with HipHopDX’s Andre GrantDemrickexplained what he would change about the Hip Hop industry if he had his druthers.
“I think that it would be a level playing field like where you let the fans decide and you don’t let the other things of how some people use the machine or have the machine to push them forward,” the Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia rapper said in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily. “Besides that, music wise, I’m happy with it. You need every kind. I been around the world. I seen there’s so many different kinds of people, you need every kind of music. There’s enough fans and people that are like-minded if you have a clear vision of what you’re doing, there’s gonna be enough people that understand what you’re doing. I wouldn’t change an aspect of it or say, ‘I wouldn’t want this kind of shit to happen in Rap or whatever because I feel like you need all of it to grow in the right direction.'”

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