After exploding onto the scene in 2011 with “Gucci Gucci,” White Girl Mob alum Kreayshawnreleased her debut album, Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay, in 2012 and has been quiet ever since.

In a series of tweets posted on Tuesday (August 15), the Bay Area native claimed she left her rapping career behind to make more room for women of color. She also explained that although she grew up “broke and in the ghetto,” she will never grasp what people of color go through on a daily basis.

“Yes, I grew up broke and in the ghetto,” she wrote. “No does not mean I understand the struggle of POC. Yes, I made rap music and profited off of what I at the time understood as all I knew. Being broke and a bad person, but I stepped off that because, I was too privileged. So many gr8 and talented WOC who make music deserved that spot more then me. And to take that spot with my ass self was an insult.”

She also touched on the various systems’ flawed designs that set up POC to “fail.”

“Any person getting upset when someone says, ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ ‘Fuck white people’ etc. doesn’t not even understand what a person has gone threw dealing with the law system, education system, welfare system, all white controlled and designed to fail POC,” she wrote.

After her social media tirade, “Bonehead Kreay” said someone was trying to hack her account and that she was going to disappear from Twitter for a while to get a lobotomy.