Lawrence, MA police cracking down on illegal dirt bikes – NBC Boston

Confiscated dirt bikes are winding up back on the roads in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and investigators say it’s causing problems.

Tow truck companies are being asked to transport the bikes to their yards after they’ve been confiscated and it’s those same tow truck companies that are reselling the bikes back to people in the community, according to Lawrence police.

Council President Jeovanny Rodriguez and Police Chief William Castro are now issuing new warnings to these riders as the problem now is nearing a breaking point.

Video shows riders popping wheelies, driving on the sidewalk, reckless driving and running red lights.

Last year, a new ordinance was passed prohibiting gas stations in the city from selling gas to dirt bike and ATV riders. Gas stations that do, will be subjected to a fine and those riders will be hit with heavy charges.

“This is a problem and wee need to solve it,” said Rodriguez.

“We are out there. We are taking pictures, we are getting the videos together and at the end of the day, we are going to prosecute these individuals,” said Castro. “Zero tolerance…you are not going to like what we are going to do to these ATVs and motorcycle, when you are faced with these cases.”

Officials said the gas stations are currently being reminded of the consequences and ramifications and so are the tow truck companies.

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