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Lil Wayne’s VIP Status Finally Catches Up W/ Him In Bad Way

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne should consider calling up his best legal team after being targeted for handfuls of unpaid first-tier sports tickets.
According to reports, a company is going after Wayne for not paying the tab in nearly $120,000 worth of tickets.
Tickets of America and White Glove International claim Wayne got $119,400 worth of tickets and never paid a cent.
According to the lawsuit, Wayne got tickets for the following events:
— Mayweather vs. Pacquiao $67,500
— Super Bowl XLVII $14,000
— MTV Video Music Awards $4,000
— Heat vs. Hawks $11,000
— Lakers vs. Rockets $11,100
— Clippers vs. Rockets $11,300 (TMZ)

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