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01. OMB Peezy – Venting Session [Prod. By Drumdummie]
02. OMB Peezy – Hell [Prod. By Dubba-AA]
03. OMB Peezy – Deeper Than You Think (Feat. OMB Iceberg) [Prod. By Ear Drummers]
04. OMB Peezy – It’s Whatever (Feat. Paper Lovee) [Prod. By Dubba-AA]
05. OMB Peezy – Proud (Feat. Mozzy) [Prod. By Dave-O]
06. OMB Peezy – Yeah Yeah (Feat. TK Kravitz) [Prod. By Dubba-AA]
07. OMB Peezy – How I Move (Feat. DTB)
08. OMB Peezy – My Dawg [Prod. By Dubba-AA]
09. OMB Peezy – Rain [Prod. By Drumdummie]
10. OMB Peezy – You Know That [Prod. By TNT]
11. OMB Peezy – Been Through [Prod. By Helluva]
12. OMB Peezy – Mind Of Overkill [Prod. By Drumdummie]


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