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01 Peewee Longway – Product [Prod. By Nard Beatz]
02 Peewee Longway – War (Feat. Yikes) [Prod. By Nard Beatz]
03 Lolife Blacc – Island (Feat. Mpa Turk) [Prod. By Lolife Blacc]
04 Peewee Longway – Outta Here (Feat. Quavo) [Prod. By Zay Man]
05 Peewee Longway – Catch Up (Feat. Muddgod) [Prod. By Tm808]
06 Mpa Head – Booth [Prod. By Judo]
07 Peewee Longway – Extortion (Feat. Offset) [Prod. By Beatmonster Marc]
08 Peewee Longway – Do It 4 Da Hood [Prod. By Metro Boomin]
09 Gambina – Don’t Tell Nobody (Feat. Lolife Blacc) [Prod. By Ralph Beats]
10 Mpa Yikes – I Got The Money (Feat. Peewee Longway) [Prod. By Murda]
11 Peewee Longway – Dirty [Prod. By Lolifeblacc]
12 Mpa Spud – Aint Here 4 That (Feat. Mpa Head) [Prod. By Dj Plugg]
13 Peewee Longway – I Wanna Rock (Feat. Offset) [Prod. By Pac Man]
14 Peewee Longway – Thug Life (Feat. Offset) [Prod. By Cassius Jay]
15 Krazy Blacc – Boyz N Da Hood (Feat. Mpa Turk) [Prod. By Krazy Blacc]
16 Peewee Longway – White Man Can’t Jump (Feat. Mpa Mitch) [Prod. By Pyrex]
17 Peewee Longway – Just For The Hell Of It [Prod. By Hellva]
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