01 Roach Gigz – Rb3
02 Roach Gigz – Vertigo [Prod. By C-Loz]
03 Roach Gigz – It’s Lit [Prod. By Nima Fadavi]
04 Roach Gigz – 100 In The Fastlane (Feat. Clyde Carson & 1-O.A.K.) [Prod. By Dj Two Stacks]
05 Roach Gigz – Against The Law [Prod. By P-Lo Of The Invasion]
06 Roach Gigz – Crack A 40 (Feat. Kool John) [Prod. By Trev Kase]
07 Roach Gigz – How I Feel [Prod. By Khan]
08 Roach Gigz – Act Funny [Prod. By Jay Ant Of The Invasion]
09 Roach Gigz – Employment
10 Roach Gigz – Full Time Job [Prod. By Nima Fadavi]
11 Roach Gigz – Sip [Prod. By Khan]
12 Roach Gigz – Sick American [Prod. By Khan]
13 Roach Gigz – Pu$$y Magnet (Feat. Kreayshawn) [Prod. By O.D. Flash]
14 Roach Gigz – Back 2 Cali (Feat. Pac B) [Prod. By Fresh On The Beat]
15 Roach Gigz – Goomba Circus (Feat. Marlow & Pac B) [Prod. By Nima Fadavi]
16 Roach Gigz – Boss’d Up (Feat. Marlow) [Prod. By Nick Catchdubs]
17 Roach Gigz – Don’t Forget The Gigz [Prod. By Fresh On The Beat]

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