Talib Kweli Reveals Why He Was “Very Upset” After Hearing “The College Dropout”
Talib Kweli says his verse on “Get Em High” was placed on the wrong part of the beat.
While playing a game of “Special Education” during a newly-released interview, Brooklyn, New York rapperTalib Kweli revealed that he wasn’t too pleased upon hearing Kanye West’s The College Dropout for the first time.
Talib explained that his verse for the album’s “Get Em High” record was the last thing to be recorded for The College Dropout. He then added that his verse for the song is placed “on the wrong part of the beat.”
The rapper says he was upset initially, but dubbed the error “a beautiful mistake” made by Kanye.
“My verse on the song was the last thing that was recorded for College Dropout,” Talib Kweli said while speaking on “Get Em High.” “And when my verse got flown to the beat it’s on the wrong part of the beat. So, when I first heard College Dropout I was very, very upset. That’s not how I rapped it. I’m over it. People love it. It was a beautiful mistake. Kanye is a genius. Even when he doesn’t mean to be a genius, apparently. It works for everybody else, so I was rolling with it.”
Later in the interview, Talib labeled “Ms. Hill” the hardest record he’s had to make, due to his relationship with Lauryn Hill.
“Because I know her personally,” he said while speaking on the difficulty that came with making “Ms. Hill.” “And it was like—As you’re writing about somebody that you know personally and you’re talking about things that…I’m talking about things that have become a part of the public discourse, but are really about someone’s personal stuff, which is their art. It’s kind of difficult to talk about that and not seem arrogant.”

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