BRAMPTON, ONTARIO – A 16-year-old Canadian is facing criminal charges after he hijacked a Brampton, Ontario church service by blaring XXXTENTACION’s “Look at Me!” through the church’s PA system.

According to the Brampton Guardian, parishioners felt “deeply threatened” when they heard lyrics such as “can’t keep my dick in my pants” and “she put her tongue on my dick.”

The unexpected interruption came just as a guest priest from Poland was about to read the gospel. At that moment, two youths reportedly went up to the lectern and started to blast the music.

Witnesses said the well-dressed young men entered through the side door and sat at the front of the church.

Police were called to the scene immediately and churchgoers restrained one of the young men until they arrived.

One woman told the Brampton Guardian that those in attendance “heard profanities blaring in the most sacred space they have.” Another told the local newspaper they considered the act a religious hate crime, though police have said they aren’t looking at it as one.

The teen has been charged with “mischief to religious property, disturbing a religious service and breach of recognizance.”

Check out the song in question above.