If you’re still trying to make sense of Young Thug’s Carter 6 album cover, brace yourself. There is a pretty kinky backstory to coincide with it.
The abnormally brazen rapper not only is forcing his way into Lil Wayne’s shadow, but he made a statement of some sorts by going full commando for the Carter 6 album cover. Photographer Sandy Kim tells Complex that even Thugga had some hesitation of letting it all hang out and she had to offer up some fleshy collateral to get him to oblige.
“Young Thug had an idea for the concept and he also wanted someone young and new to shoot his cover. His team reached out to me and I said of course. I’m a huge fan of his music and he’s definitely pushing boundaries in rap musically and aesthetically,” she said. “I wouldn’t have done it if our visions didn’t line up and he wasn’t down for the type of aesthetic I normally bring to my work. When I got to the set he and his team had ideas, I brought some of my own ideas to the table. I asked him if he would be down to get naked and he was like ‘F*ck no, I’m not getting naked, you get naked!’ Artists should totally be down to commit to the vision they’re asking for, so I got naked and then we shot it. The experience was great, his team was shooting dice on set.”
And like any committed artist, Kim has been naked plenty of times, as exhibited in the gallery below. Check out her work at as well. Tha Carter 6 is also dropping on April 17.

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