8.2 million Tide Pod bag packages recalled because they might split open and allow the pods to be ingested

The maker of Tide Pods is recalling 8.2 million bag packages of the product because they may be defective, causing them to come open and granting access to the pods themselves.

Procter and Gamble said in a notice posted on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website this week that the bags containing the individual pods could split open near their zipper tracks.

If the individual pods are subsequently consumed or handled, they pose a major hazard. P&G said that while no injuries had been reported, it had received four reports of children accessing the liquid laundry packets, three of whom subsequently ingested them during the time period that the recalled products were sold, though it could not say if the packets came from recalled bags.

In addition to the Tide Pod bags, some Gain Flings, Ace Pods, and Ariel Pods are also affected.

Customers should return the pods for a full refund and replacement, the company said. Consumers with recalled bags can also submit a photo that shows the lot code to participate in the recall.

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