After 10 years, Destiny is getting a game mode that fans wanted from the start

Rolling out across April and May, the Into the Light update is intended to ramp players into June’s The Final Shape expansion. (Image credit: Bungie)

Of all the odd decisions Bungie has made over the course of Destiny’s existence, one of the oddest has to be the reluctance to add a true horde mode. Sure, we’ve had quasi-horde seasonal activities like Escalation Protocol and The Menagerie, but never a proper hunker-down-and-defend deal. That changes on April 9 with the release of the free Into the Light update, which includes the new Onslaught mode that pits teams of three players against up to 50 waves of enemies, escalating in difficulty. 

Revealed today during the first of three livestreams leading up to the release of Into the Light, Onslaught sees the guardians defending the Last City from the invading forces of The Witness (specifically: Fallen and Hive). In practical terms, that means being dropped into a Crucible map—for the demo they used Midtown—in order to defend a macguffin called the Advanced Defence Unit (ADU).

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