At a Glance widget drops Google Assistant branding

In a rather interesting development, the At a Glance homescreen widget found on all Android devices is no longer branded as an extension of Google Assistant.

The widget was redesigned in October and was previously called “Assistant At a Glance.” Meanwhile, the description credited Google Assistant as “[showing] you what you need, right when you need it.” 

After the latest Google app beta (version 15.11), “Assistant” has been removed from the front, while “At a Glance” is now said to be directly responsible for the functionality. The settings page with on/off feature toggles has been similarly updated.

15.10 vs. 15.11

When the Gemini app was announced, Google listed At a Glance as a capability that’s “powered directly by Google Assistant.” Today’s change is a pretty good sign that “Google Assistant” might be going away. We previously spotted work that Gemini is coming to headphones

Meanwhile, there’s a bug with today’s update that makes the there-dot overflow button on the widget invisible. You can still tap the space to the left of the weather to open the menu.

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