Blizzard secretly made a battle royale game inside World of Warcraft to ‘break the rules’ its had for 20 years

Today’s announcement of Warcraft’s next patch event, 10.2.6’s pirate-themed “Plunderstorm,” marks a number of firsts for the venerable massively multiplayer RPG. It will launch today with no player testing, and includes a wild 60-player battle royale mode.

Not only is this the first time this mode will appear in Warcraft, it’s not on standard servers or using existing characters—players will choose between their normal servers and the Plunderstorm event when they log into the modern Warcraft client. Its rewards will include a parrot mount and crab pet available to both modern and Classic players, dual-mode rewards that are also a first for the games. (Classic players will need to download the modern client to play, but do not need to own Dragonflight.)

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