Google Pixel 8a leak reveals upgrades that make it almost as good as the Pixel 8

What you need to know

  • Google’s upcoming Pixel 8a is a budget smartphone based on the Pixel 8, and it could debut in a few months. 
  • The smartphone was recently spotted in FCC databases, which is a clear indicator that the Pixel 8a is on the way. 
  • Now, a major leak confirms that the Pixel 8a will feature a 120Hz display, a Tensor G3 chip, and more upgrades. 

Google’s budget lineup of A-series phones has seen significant upgrades over the past few years, bringing the Pixel devices in line with Pixel flagships. The Pixel 7a, for example, was so similar to the Pixel 7 that some wondered whether Google would even release a Pixel 8a this year. Nevertheless, a Pixel 8a is all but confirmed, and a major leak just gave us a bunch of details about the upcoming smartphone. 

The leak comes from Android Authority, which confirms a few things we already knew about the Pixel 8a and adds some fresh detail as well. For starters, the display is going to reach flagship quality thanks to the boost to 120Hz. The Pixel 6a had a 60Hz refresh rate, and the Pixel 7a got the upgrade to 90Hz. Now, with the Pixel 8a projected to get 120Hz, it’s on par with many of the best Android phones available.

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