Hampstead Hospital staffers assaulted by patient – NBC Boston

Staff members at a New Hampshire youth behavioral health facility were injured while dealing with a violent patient over the weekend, one of several incidents in the last week, according to state officials.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) said first responders were called to Hampstead Hospital and Residential Treatment Facility after two patients exhibited “assaultive behavior” in the past week. DHHS said the situations were “quickly calmed.” However, during one incident, two staffers were hurt. They are expected to recover.

Hampstead offers inpatient and residential services to children, teens and young adults with acute psychiatric and substance-related disorders. It is the only facility of its kind in the state, DHHS noted.

As a result of the violence, one patient has been transferred to a facility out of state to a program better equipped to handle their treatment.

State officials went on to say that the staff reacted appropriately to the challenging situations, and stressed that staffing ratios exceed requirements.

“New admissions continue at a normal pace at HHRTF and families can be confident that they will receive safe, excellent, skilled care,” DHHS said.

The statement continued, “While escalated behaviors are not uncommon in facilities that serve youth with the most acute needs, it is not easy work. We have a talented set of caregivers at HHRTF whose passion and commitment for this work is visible every day,” DHHS said.

The agency said it was issuing the update in response to media coverage of the events.

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