Judge orders Marilyn Mosby to forfeit Florida condo ahead of sentencing

BALTIMORE — A federal judge has ordered Baltimore’s former City State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, to forfeit her condo in Longboat Key, Florida, in a forfeiture hearing Thursday morning. 

The ruling comes after Mosby was found guilty of perjury and mortgage fraud. Prosecutors said she lied about a vacation home mortgage and COVID-related hardship withdrawals from her retirement account.

Mosby’s lawyers said she has been renting out the condo for additional income.  Now, the government says Mosby will have to forfeit 90% of the proceeds to the federal government.

The judge said Mosby would not have been able to obtain the mortgage without a false gift letter.  In that letter, prosecutors say she inappropriately funneled $5,000 to her husband’s bank account, disguising the money as a gift to help her close on one of her loans.

Mosby’s sentencing, began Thursday morning.

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