South Boston councilor says it might be time to move the parade somewhere else, rather than letting drunken out-of-town hellraisers destroy the neighborhood every March

City Councilor and son of South Boston Ed Flynn writes unless the city and police can figure out a way to keep out-of-town hellions from wreaking havoc and to make them treat South Boston “with respect,” he thinks it could be time to move the St. Patrick’s parade somewhere else.

We must make major changes and implement a zero tolerance for public drinking, any form of violence, fighting and destruction of property and other quality of life issues. If we are not able to meet basic standards of decency and respect the South Boston neighborhood, the parade should be moved out of South Boston indefinitely. With almost a million visitors to South Boston for the parade, we can’t sustain an “anything goes” attitude in the neighborhood. This is a neighborhood, and many of the spectators that come to the parade do not treat residents of South Boston with respect.

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