Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Reportedly Features Modder’s Work “Without Credit”

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection

Before last week’s troubled launch, Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was already making headlines for “mistakenly” featuring footage of a community-made mod in an official trailer.

At the time, developer Aspyr said the game did not include “any code or content” from “uncredited sources”, but now traces of the same Asajj Ventress mod by ‘iamshaymin’ have been discovered in the release build of the game.

As highlighted by IGN, footage of the PS5 build on Reddit shows iamashaymin’s Asajj Ventress mod “without credit”. According to multiple player reports this has been patched and replaced with Aspyr’s version, but the mod still appears to exist in an earlier release build of the game, after Aspyr said it would not.

iamshaymin: “We don’t know how or why my Ventress ended up in the full release when we were specifically told by them it wouldn’t be.”

The same modder mentioned how the collection’s launch had been a “total mess” – “especially considering part of the patches is rumoured to have removed content they had already said was removed months ago”.

Here’s how Aspyr originally responded to these claims (via IGN):

“We’d like to thank the passionate Star Wars: Battlefront community for bringing this to our attention. When capturing placeholder footage for our announcement last fall, we mistakenly included content that is not in the product, and that mistake made it into the final cut. The upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection does not include any code or content that is taken from uncredited sources.”

Aspyr has also released a statement about the game’s online multiplayer launch, which you can read in our previous post here on Nintendo Life:

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