Stardew Valley creator releases a list of over 1000 mods compatible with today’s 1.6 patch, and yep, you can still call in an airstrike

Stardew Valley‘s 1.6 update releases sometime today (PST), and as Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone hasn’t given us a specific time, I was ready to spend most of my day staring aimlessly at the Steam page, waiting for any signs of life. But now, thanks to an intimidatingly long list, I can pass the time sifting through all the compatible mods instead. 

1.6 makes fundamental changes to Stardew Valley’s code, so it almost went without saying that multiple mods would break unless they were updated to be compatible with the newest version. While it may sting, this short-term pain is a fair trade-off for the exciting 1.6 update, which isn’t just adding a whole new farm type but also making modding easier. However, it looks like most problems are already behind us, as Barone tweeted an extensive list explaining which mods are compatible with 1.6 and which are broken. 

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