The Twitch hot tub meta has reached new heights with a green-screen booty scene, and I’m mostly just upset by how inefficient it is

Twitch has had, let’s call it a complicated relationship with adult content over the past few months. In case you’re completely uninitiated, the rough timeline is as follows: back in 2021, the “Hot Tub Meta” was born—wherein streamers would rake in viewers by streaming in, you guessed it, a hot tub.  Twitch played ball after a brief controversy wherein a hot tub streamer was demonetised without warning, despite playing the game to the letter of the platform’s law at the time. 

Then, late last year, Twitch decided to get a little more relaxed about the whole thing by permitting “artistic nudity” on the platform. This lasted 48 hours before Twitch decided actually, no, no wait, nevermind, that was a bad move, and shut the whole thing down.

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